Avery Alder

An Introduction

Our conversations and stories matter, and the ways that we co-create them aren’t accidental. My work blends facilitation, design, and play – bringing keen curiosity and visionary imagination to how we create together.

I’m excited to facilitate gatherings, run Appreciative Inquiry visioning processes, design and run workshops, consult on social and educational design, speak publicly, coach, and bring imagination and play into important work.

For over a dozen years, my design thinking has been challenged and clarified through roleplaying game design – you can check out my work at Buried Without Ceremony.


Appreciative Inquiry

I love facilitation work, especially when it enables me to help others tell their stories of success and progress. Blending together techniques gathered from narrative therapy, appreciative inquiry, and collaborative storytelling, I am excited to support meaningful work through emergent, strength-based facilitation.


From short sessions to weekend-long intensives, I’m proud of the work I’ve done putting together workshops that challenge participants to engage critically, imaginatively, and pragmatically.

Most of my workshop design experience to date has focused on game design and community engagement, but I’m excited to be expanding my focus to include relationship-building, creative living, and queer world-making. Anything I should add to the list?

Design Consulting

With a background in roleplaying game design and workshop development, I can bring critical insights and visionary perspectives to your social, educational, or game design project.

In addition to my own design work history, I run an Emerging Designers Mentorship Program and have years of experience offering design consulting.

Past Feedback

“I loved Avery’s warm presence and lovely expert facilitation, skills, and knowledge sharing.”

-anonymous feedback

“I can honestly say I walked away from last weekend with a whole new recognition and respect for [roleplaying games] as therapeutic tools, community-builders, safe playgrounds for self-discovery, and implements for social change. I found your intensive educational, boundary-expanding, enlightening, confidence-building, and frequently hilarious!”

-Mark Holliday

“Avery is a brilliant game designer and her feedback is invaluable. She has offered detailed and actionable critiques of my current project (Circles of Power), both to address the complex social issues associated with the game and the mechanical systems it uses. Her design consultancy is worth it’s weight in gold.”

-Jason Pitre